Natural Beard Oil - x2 (30ml)

Our handmade beard oil is a carefully chosen blend of natural oils mixed with a subtle amount of essential oils to make your beard smell as good as it looks.

x2 provides you with a "Double Scent". 

When you first apply x2, you will get the amazingly sweet & fresh Citrus smells, provided by Grapefruit, Bergamot and Citrus essential oils. 

After a short time, this smell develops and you will notice the unique scent of a Pinewood sourced from the Alps of Austria that will really give you a long lasting, fresh smell.

This truly is a very distinct scent and has proved incredibly popular with our initial testers. 

We have chosen the finest ingredients for the benefit they will bring to your facial hair and the skin beneath. Our oils are blended to leave your beard feeling soft and manageable, not oily and weighed down. Naturally rich in antioxidants, our intensely moistening beard conditioner reduces the itching associated with growing a beard whilst helping to promote beard growth.

The oil should be used daily to keep the beard in optimum condition, maintaining clean and tangle free growth.




All 30ml bottles are fitted with a dropper top.

WARNING: Contains nut oils, those with nut allergies should seek medical advice before using this product.

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Type: Beard Oil

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