Why Beard Products are essential in the Office

January 15, 2015

Facial hair in all forms has been thought to reflect a suspicious streak of individuality and defiance since the 19th Century, with shaving viewed as being “the norm" since then.

Famous men have worn them. They are a symbol of the past.

With the rise of our modern society and the “metrosexual”, beards have become increasingly frowned upon in the boardroom.

Today, in some organisations, gentlemen are required to keep their faces fur-free for practical reasons….firemen's beards, for instance, might be in danger of breaking the seal on their oxygen masks. In others, Gentlemen with facial fur were previously considered too lazy to shave. We know that this is far from the truth. In fact, it is much simpler to just shave in the morning. Beards are not only a conscious choice, but they take time to maintain, whether its trimming, washing, combing, oiling, balming.

Good grooming is essential for everyone – and facial hair maintenance is no exception.

Beard care awareness not only makes facial hair easier on the wearer, but also easier on the eyes. And therefore, much more acceptable to your boss.

There is no doubt the huge rise in beard grooming products is contributing to why facial hair has blossomed in the last 12 months.

Beard care products keep facial hair soft and healthy, keep the beard and surrounding skin more supple and eliminates beard itch. Once someone uses all natural, handmade beard care treatments, they will never go back.

Just because you grow a beard now doesn’t mean you have to care for it like those iconic bearded men of the past. Abraham Lincoln or Henry VIII would have conditioned and taken care of their beard if they only had the beard products. They both appreciated innovation and so should you…..