The Difference between Beard Oil and Balm

January 05, 2015

A very popular question that I often get is, “What is the difference between beard balm and beard oil?”

You’ll notice that most beard companies offer both. So, do you need both of them? And, what makes them an important piece in your grooming kit?


Beard Balm 

If you search for beard oil on the internet, there are hundreds of results that come up in the search. Beard oil is HUGELY popular. Beard balm consists of all the same types of oils that are in oil. The main ingredient difference is that balms have a primary base of beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter. This makes it into a creamy, waxy substance that melts when you rub it into your hands. Balm provides conditioning for your beard while also providing hold. If you notice that you have a lot of fly-aways and your beard is pretty unruly, balm might be a good fit for you. It keeps your beard healthy and smooth while also keeping it neat and tamed.


Beard Oil

If you find that your beard stays mostly in place and you like how it lays naturally, then beard oil might be the better option for you. The oil provides the same vitamins and nutrients that the balm does but it does not affect the hold of your beard. If you don’t want that extra hold, but still want the conditioning and health-enhancing effects, beard oil is the way to go.


I prefer to use both. I find it provides more shine and conditioning whilst lasting longer before being washed out. Either way, if you are a beardsmen, I cannot stress enough how important it is to pick at least one of these products for your grooming kit. If you only wash your beard and never use any specially made beard grooming products, you may find hairs splitting or becoming an unsightly dry and damaged mess.

Taking good care of your beard is a priority in having one. If you maintain it properly, you will never want to part with it.